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What in the World is Mediation?

Posted on 10 June, 2016 at 0:00 Comments comments (48)

     Mediation is a process which brings disputing parties together to resolve their conflicts and to produce solutions which are acceptable and beneficial to everyone involved.  Mediation is a structured but informal process conducted by one or more third parties who are nuetral and operate entirely without coercive powers.  

     Who can benefit from mediation?

1. Families- Family mediation includes: child support, visitation and custody matters.

2. Church and Clergy- Mediation includes: disputes with congregants,  as well as internal and external disputes.

3. Corporations and Businesses-Business mediation includes: general contract disputes, consumer disptues, employee, employer disputes and external disputes.

Can your community, corporation or church benefit from mediation?  Please contact Strategic Impact Services, LLC at 757-409-3103 for a free 
consultation today.